C Askotis & Sons

C Askotis & Sons

People have been turning to C Askotis & Sons for many years looking for help with interior design. They have a lot of experience with providing design solutions for the people of Cyprus. Their years of expertise gives them a keen eye for aesthetics and they are able to help guide people towards making the perfect purchases for their interior design projects. They carry a lot of the best designer furniture so you will have a good amount of options to choose from no matter what you are looking for.

Kitchen Products

You will have an easy time getting assistance with your kitchen interior designs needs if you choose to rely on C Askotis & Sons. They have all of the top brands of kitchen furniture that you could desire. If you want some guidance on what would go well in your particular kitchen, then the experts at this business would be happy to help you. Ensuring that you are pleased with your purchases is the number-one priority of this business so rest assured that they are committed to helping you find the best option.

Bathroom Products

Having a visually appealing bathroom can really make your home feel much nicer. You will find plenty of products and accessory options that will help you to create the bathroom you have been desiring. It should be simple to find the perfect look you are thinking of as there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Sometimes taking a look at what is available can be used to spark inspiration as well.

Other Furniture

You will find wardrobes, sofas, and all sorts of other design help when you choose to shop at C Askotis & Sons. They have all of your needs covered and will be ready to show you what they think the best options are for your situation. You will have a great time perusing what is available and can come to an ultimate conclusion with the help of a friendly professional. Taking the time to choose the perfect option is always encouraged with this business so the shopping process will be as fun as possible.

Our Furniture:

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  • Furniture For the Bedrooms
  • Furniture for the Dining Room
  • Accessories
  • Wardrobes


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Strovolos Avenue 280 , Strovolos , Nicosia , 2093 , Cyprus


Maria Hadjiiosif
askotis [ at ] cytanet.com.cy
(+357) 22 323 869
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