Find here design furniture companies and stores. You can also find a comprehensive listing of businesses and services that are based on the island whose services lie within the field of design furniture in our dedicated website Cyprus Design Furniture.

While searching for designer furniture and trying to decide the style that best fits your personal space you will come across many choices at styles, types, lines and prices. A good advice is to set up your budget on how much are you willing to spend on your new furniture. Today in the furniture market due to the mass production of furniture you can find ridiculously cheap furniture up to insanely expensive. Cheap furniture can look elegant and beautiful but for how long will they keep their shape and colour that’s another story.  In contrary design furniture are becoming more and more popular because consumers start to see the value in quality and therefore this creates a significant rise in the sales of this type of furniture.

Design furniture are the unique and timeless pieces, created by well-known designers and companies that are specialized in this field. Designer or branded furniture is a mixture of styles with an innovating artistic design, long-lasting high-quality materials and made by skilled craftsmen. This kind of furniture not only keeps its value in time, but is also an investment as it will look as good in 50 years from know and their resale price will probably double, as they are considered collectibles due to their artistic designs and the fact that they come in unique pieces, special editions, limited editions, themes and small series.  Think of it like you're buying a painting or a sculpture or even a jewellery, is something you buy to keep and pass it down.

There are many stores in the island selling designer pieces and some furniture companies are dealing only with well-known design furniture able to deliver furniture from famous designers and unique collection pieces from around the world.  Search in our portal to find companies that offer brands like Fendi home, Baxter, Roche Bobois, Cassina, Poltrona Frau and much more.