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Everyone needs rest and relaxation to fill their batteries and be able to be productive and concentrated during the demanding rhythms of each day. Except for the few hours of relaxation we get to have in the daytime, there is one mandatory part, and that is the sleeping part. For a good night sleep, an average of 6-8 hours is necessary and is one of the secrets to wellbeing, holding the key to a dynamic and energetic day. To achieve this so important sleep though, there are few other secrets as well, like eating light, having a relaxing bath before, a quiet and a dark room, and the last and most important is a good mattress. The right mattress plays a tremendous role in a restful sleep and is something you must take into serious consideration before you buy a new mattress. This applies to everyone, and no exceptions should be made.

Mattresses come in different sizes, textiles, types, styles and technology. They are also divided into different sleeping patterns such as mattresses for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, combination sleepers and kid’s mattresses. There are also specially designed hospital mattresses, mattresses designed to support people with various spine injuries and mattresses for obese people. 

On the island, we have many local mattresses manufactures and also companies that import high quality and top branded mattresses from around the world. Regardless of the manufacturing country though mattresses come in basic types:

Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress is one of the most popular options with up to 80% of mattress sales. This type of Mattress has been around since the 1900s and has seen a huge improvement since. This mattress has earned a steady value in the market due to their affordable prices, their ability to support a variety of sleepers, individuals with minor spine issues as well as overweight people that need that extra support. They do come with some disadvantages though, like the short lifespan, these mattresses must be changed in 4-6 years to avoid the tendency to sag, the noisiness and before they lose their motion isolation. 


Latex mattresses until recently they were considered as expensive and luxury mattresses, but today they become more affordable due to the increasing availability and the new technologies in the mattress industry. Latex mattresses are made from natural tree rubber and are pricier, while synthetic latex containing synthetic latex, polyfoams and other materials. Is more affordable. This type of mattress is known for being extremely comfortable, promotes pain relief, being allergen free, their natural resistance to dust, mold and mite and their very high durability. Their disadvantages are their high cost and that they are heavy to lift.

Foam mattress (poly and memory foam)

Memory foam was originally created by NASA researchers in the late 70’s, they are a newer type of mattress that has gained popularity for its ability to get softer by the body heat and take the form of each sleeper's body, resulting to relieve the pressure points on hips, legs, shoulders and spine and it then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure. So regardless of the sleeping position or body weight, it will keep the spine aligned. Like all mattresses though has its flows, like the hot sleep feeling, the sinking feeling that may be uncomfortable for many and the lack of bounciness. 

Hybrid mattress (foam and coil)

Hybrid mattresses are gaining popularity more and more each year. The hybrid mattress is a mix and match of different mattress types aiming to take the best features from some mattresses and minimizing the negatives of others, like getting the bounciness of coil technology mattress and combining it with foam layers for adjusting the firming levels for spine support and latex layers for durability and allergen-free sleep. A hybrid mattress is one of the most expensive mattresses you can get due to its amazing comfort and support but has a short lifespan.

Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress is a specially designed mattress to support the joints and the overall skeleton of the body. This type of mattress has initially designed and influenced by medical studies of orthopedics which were focused on helping people with disorders and deformities of joints and spine. This kind of mattress has a high firming level targeting towards the joints, neck, and back and helps to improve your overall body posture. It is highly advised to talk to your physiotherapist or orthopedic doctor before buying this type of mattress.

As you see getting the right mattress is not an easy task and choosing the mattress is a decision that must be made consciously and not superficially. Make sure you check which company offers what and what materials they use. Most local mattress manufacturers complete all the quality requirements instructed by EU regulations but is good to ask the salesperson about them before you pay for your new mattress.