Can I ask for delivery?
Most of the furniture stores will have a delivery service. Please check with the individual store to make sure that they are delivering. Also, for cases in which you are buying online and you are not Cyprus based, check to see if they do deliver abroad or not.
Does the furniture come ready assembled?
This depends a lot on the type of furniture and the brand. Please ask the store selling your particular furnishings if the products you plan to buy are assembled or not. In case they are not assembled they probably have a professional assembly team and they might even do the assembly and installation free of charge. Again, please double check with the store regarding this service.
Does the furniture have guarantee?
Most of the furniture is covered by manufacturer's guarantee. In case you are not sure, please contact the store's customer service department and ask them what type of guarantee (if any) are they offering for your particular product.
What if I have a problem with a piece after a couple of years?
If some piece of furniture has been broken you can call the store from where you have bought it and in many cases they will be able to provide you with fixes.
Do the prices include VAT?
In most of the cases the prices displayed are including the VAT. If in doubt please call the store and ask about their policy.