Furniture in Cyprus

Cyprus Furniture aims to feature furniture manufacturers, importers and stores selling furniture in Cyprus. Each company showcased is reputable and has a history of providing high-quality furniture for home and office use. Each person’s taste is catered, whether you like locally manufactured furniture, imported or designer furniture. Therefore, in our portal you can find a wide range of products, from classic to modern furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, side tables, TV stands, dining tables and chairs. You may also find bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, contract furniture, office furniture and even kitchens. Alternatively, you can search for a furniture store in a specific town, for example, Limassol Furniture, to locate stores specified in that location.

Classic Furniture

Classic style has become trendy again and the demand for such pieces is on the rise not only in Cyprus but around the world. Classical pieces of furniture create an elegant and appealing décor if it is designed with refinement. This style of furniture is produced from various materials such as metal, wood and other finishes. They are easily combined with modern pieces to create a perfect mix and much. Furniture importers and manufacturers emphasizing this particular style, therefore, a consumer can choose from a variety of products and designs that come with reliability and quality.

You are free to mix a few vintage pieces into your contemporary living room arrangement and come up with something unique. It adapts to retro and industrial styles and will suit both small and large spaces. Retro combines pieces from the past to create an interesting combination of texture, colour and material. When the colours and geometric patterns are chosen carefully, you can create an amazing décor. The industrial appeal on the other hand, combines pieces made of metal, bronze, stainless steel and wood. It does not include many colours but the look is equally stunning.

Some of the companies showcased also provide interior design services to help customers create the best interior spaces. Their teams have lots of experience with many projects and can do an amazing work for you.

Modern Furniture

It does not take much to explain modern furniture.  The modern space can blend metallic and wooden finishes with a cohesive colour palette. They feature clean lines and sleek profile to make a powerful statement in your living room. It is time to update your bedroom, living areas, office or the children’s bedroom with the latest furniture designs. These include modern sofas, modern coffee tables, modern chairs and tables, bookcases and bedroom equipage. They cater for modern shapes and combine high-quality materials and creativity to create the best modern ambiances available. Cyprus Furniture offers lots of resources to get you just the right pieces to create a perfect space at home or in the office.

Modern and Classical Office Furniture combinations

Be free to create a new office appeal with a collection of modern and classic furniture from sellers, manufacturers and importers in the portal. There is a constant addition of new designs to make it easy for you to achieve your dream of transforming your office space. These office furniture pieces are available in various colours and styles allowing you to create the right style that suits your taste.

You can go for the same design of reception sofa or a similar colour of the coffee table and the office desk to create some harmony and connection amongst the pieces. To create some contradiction in the room, place a piece of a metallic or antique wood at a strategic location. If the design task is too much for you, these companies have their design teams to help customers make the most out of their dreams.

Children Furniture

Children love colorful furniture and it will be wrong to get them some plain colored pieces for their bedroom. However, when choosing children furniture, safety always needs to comes first. For this reason, appropriate children friendly materials and furniture must correctly be chosen. Therefore, some of the companies listed in Cyprus Furniture also offer eco-friendly materials that are safe for kids. Pick a colorful and entertaining bed from the large collection in our portal. Choose from several designs depending on the kid’s age, the bedroom layout plans and the size of the space of your home.

Outdoor Furniture

Further to the home and office interior, you can make some changes to your patio and garden. In our website there is plenty of outdoor apparatus to suit every taste. Pick from the classic teak selections, go modern or mix the two to create a soft relaxing ambience. Outdoor furniture comes in various designs, material, and functionality. You will have to consider the weather resistance, so you do not have to keep removing them when the weather becomes unfriendly like in harsh sunlight or rainfall. Make a difference by picking your furniture from a trusted and reputable supplier, store or manufacturer selling furniture in Cyprus.