Estia Kitchens

Estia Kitchens

When you need to get your new home furnished properly, it can be a very good idea to rely on a service to get things handled for you. Estia Kitchens is a company that can handle interior design for you when it comes to outfitting your kitchen. They have an experienced staff that knows just what your home needs to look its best. They specialise in providing functional kitchens with a ton of visual appeal.

Kitchen Furnishing

When you want to have a kitchen that is going to be both functional and look fantastic, turning to Estia Kitchens will help you to make that a reality. They will be able to outfit your kitchen with the latest products that can make your life easier. Everything from smart refrigerators to amazing stoves will be installed in your kitchen. You simply need to tell the expert designers what sort of style appeals to you before they are able to begin their work.

This type of service does not take too long to work their magic, either. They will be able to handle all of your kitchen needs in a relatively timely fashion. Picking out all of the best options to go in your kitchen will be a simple process for these experienced designers. The results will surely please you and you will be able to enjoy having such an appealing kitchen environment in the years to come.

Wardrobes, Doors, and Furniture Are Also Available

Estia Kitchens certainly do specialise in the kitchen department. Even still, they offer many superb options when it comes to doors, wardrobes, and furniture as well. You should take the time to peruse what they can do for you when it comes to these areas. Their designers have an eye for aesthetics so you can definitely find good options in these categories.

Your home will definitely be able to benefit from their touch and you will love how great everything looks. Whether you want a new bed to be paired with a wardrobe or if you are simply looking to make changes in your living room, Estia Kitchens can facilitate that change.

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Company Information
Year of Establishment 1995
Directors Konstantinos Efstathopoulos


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Spartis & Ellados Street 9 , Limassol , Limassol , 3041 , Cyprus


Konstantinos Efstathopoulos
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(+357) 25 760 768
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