Paphos Furniture section of our portal highlights companies dealing with importing, manufacturing and selling furniture. Make your research from the comfort of your house and discover shops selling complete furniture sets for indoor and outdoor use. Locate stores selling furniture in Paphos that are suitable for your needs and budget.

When looking to buy new furniture you will come across many different stores to select from and as expected from the character of the town, you may also find a significant number of local manufacturers and furniture importers. Because Paphos has many furniture stores there are high chances that you will find the right furniture matching your style and budget.

For most of us choosing new furniture is fun, pleasant and feels like a treasure hunt as we get to visit numerous stores, see many new and exciting pieces of furniture and use our imagination to picture how that would look in our home. The truth though is that choosing the right furniture is not so easy. It can be tricky and needs proper planning because no matter how beautiful a furniture piece is, you won’t be able to enjoy it if it's not a good fit for your space.

Here are some tips to consider before you start your hunt for furniture. First and most important is to know the measurements of your space to choose the correct size of furniture, secondly, make your mind about the color and material you are looking for and last but not least is to decide the style you like. In addition, you must make sure your new furniture is coordinated well with your existing furniture and house look.


If you do not have an empty space it is essential to determine the use of that space, plan for what you want there and measure the area to make sure everything fits. For example, for a small kid’s bedrooms, you need to have a place for a bed, an office, drawers or bookshelves, so it is crucial to know your bedroom's measurements and take in consideration the doors and windows of the room as they take space of their own. If what you need is pieces of furniture, then you must measure the exact space you are planning to put them so that you would be sure they fit.  Keep in mind that many furniture sellers in Paphos can pre-order custom-made factory furniture in the exact size you need them.

Colors / Materials:

The colours and materials of your furniture are subjective to your taste. It is good though to consider the exact use of the furniture. For instance if you need a new sofa, then remember that some sofa colors like white, beige and in general light colours can be easily stained and they are not recommended for spaces that are used from kids. However, if these are the colours you prefer then leather sofas are a good choice as they are durable and easy to clean. Before you choose your new bedroom furniture, dining table, wall units or consoles, have in mind that some colours tend to make the rooms look smaller and get very easily dusted, therefor choose a material that can be easily cleaned and not easily destroyed by cleaning products.


If you do not have a particular furniture style, then start from your home's overall style. First ask yourself if your house offers modern lines? is it classic?, is it small?, is it bright with lots of windows? Also, you must think if you are a casual person and if warmth and relaxation is what you are looking for. Do you like the contemporary style?  Does simplicity and sophistication rule?  or you want all of them together and you prefer to mix and match where no rules apply except creativity.

Whatever is the case, do not stress yourself over it, most of the people selling furniture in Paphos have an in-house interior designer that can give you a free consultation. They will help you decide what the best choice for you and your space is,  according to your taste and budget. Search in Paphos furniture to find full contact information on each company for more convenience.