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When designing your children's rooms, you can let your imagination run wild. Themes, bright colours and bold pieces of furniture should all be a must. Ideally, they want to create the space that will captivate their minds. It's not just about how the room looks like. If you are a parent, you will know how important the element of practicality is. You could go to all the trouble in the world, decorate and buy expensive children furniture, but in just a few years due to the changes in the children's bodies they will probably become obsolete. 

Your budget can also have a significant impact on this furniture, as well as the design that you ultimately choose. And while these factors prevent you from realising your more sophisticated ideas, it does not mean you cannot create a multitude of fantastic finishes with a good selection of furniture. Here are some other aspects that you need to have in mind when it comes to children furniture.

The White Space:

Some people see the white colour as a hospital like colour - one that is lacking in color itself. For couples that do not have kids yet but are already planning to make up a child's room, it is perfect and not limiting choice. White is a gender-neutral color. And it is not like there is a dearth of awesome white children's furniture to buy. You can add small details here and there to make it look more gender specific. For example, you could put quirky and colorful bunting on the wall for a girl and add a cell phone and a set of themed night lights to a boy’s room.

White rooms are also timeless. As your children grow older, you no longer must change the furnishings over a large area, so you will spend less on children's furniture in the future.

The Vintage Look:

This look is especially nice if you've already styled your home with traditional furniture. However, it is a look that will probably cost a lot of money. Instead of buying original children furniture that were manufactured in the 50s or 60s - you could buy replicas. Because the vintage look is so popular, there are a significant number of vintage furniture manufacturers. Minimalist in appearance - mainly due to the lack of money to buy expensive furniture during those eras - you do not have to buy many vintage-style children furniture to create a successful design.

Storage is everything:

If you have children, you can never have enough storage. Wardrobes, storage bins, chests of drawers and so on, are so vital. They allow you to keep your entire child's belongings neatly-toys, books, clothes and so on until your loved ones will fly the nest as young adults!

Buy a good selection of children furniture with a lot of storage and you will be able to save money in the future.

Although there is a real temptation to buy cheap furniture for the child's bedroom, it may be more prudent to buy good quality with a variety of decorative options that can make them reused in many ways as the children grow older.