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Modern furniture of today is minimalistic and aims to exclude the unnecessary details that don’t feed to the general composition of the modern interior. Designers of modern furniture emphasize on comfort, practicality and often combine eccentric accessories to complete the modern look decoration. Furniture, as a rule, should be dominated by trendy and simple lines.

Today we see a shift towards modern furniture and decoration as people choose it because of its clean lines, tidy looks and ergonomic designs. When used properly modern furniture will give a feeling of relaxation and serenity. Modern furniture comes in an extensive range of fabrics, materials, colours and objects, so it is important to choose the combination well to achieve the modern style you like.


When it comes to colour, white is the definition of modern, contemporary and minimalistic interior and goes well with every other colour. White furniture makes your space look bigger by giving the impression of brightness and neatness. The truth though is that it is hard to maintain white surfaces and fabrics clean and is not wise to have them if you have kids in the house. Luckily not only white colour is considered modern. Cold colours like gray, soft beige, sand colour or even light blue or green are widely used in furnishing. Bright colours can be used, but keep it limited to a few pillows, or a piece of furniture even just a vase. Glossy fabrics and leather can fit perfectly in this style.


When choosing your new living room for example, you need to take in consideration the time you spent on your sofa or armchairs, who is using it and make your decision based on that. You need your living room furniture to be durable, easy to maintain and clean. Real leather furniture can be easily cleaned with just soapy water and they usually last longer than fabric furniture. This makes them a good choice for houses with kids. Two factors to keep in mind are that some occasional maintenance is needed to keep them looking good and soft. Leather furniture has a cold touch in the winter and sticky in the summer time. Fabric furniture and sofas need just a bit more cleaning, but they are easier to maintain. Cotton, linen, microfiber, polyester, chenille and faux leather are some of the basic fabrics you can choose from. Fabric pieces are usually more comfortable, but support systems, frames and cushions are the keys for the overall comfort.

Having modern furniture is not enough to shape a modern looking home. Lighting, flooring and wall colours also play a huge role and the furniture stores have specific sections dedicated to home accessories, art and deco collections, curtains and carpets to complement the modern or contemporary interior. Large furniture shops have their own interior designers able to give advice and alternative solutions to their customers.