Baxter Garage is a unique furniture store created by AREA Interiors having in their collection furniture by contemporary furniture designers and brands around the world. They personally choose all the items that they offer in their store, which means that each piece has been curated to be interesting, design-forward, and new to them and their customers. They avoid having furniture into their collection that is considered safe and like to push themselves for the benefit of their customers as they believe each home should be filled with quality products providing luxury, sophistication, and modern designs.

With all types of furnishings available, including leather sofas, dining table, consoles, and beds, Baxter Garage in Limassol, makes it easy to either pick an interesting piece to be the focal point of your space and home or completely decorate with their unique, fascinating furnishings. They understand that while the furniture in your home needs to serve a purpose, it should still be beautiful and pleasing. Interesting lines, different materials, and many colours and textures to choose from make it easy to personalize your home.

At Baxter Garage they work hard with each of their clients to select furniture that will meet the needs of the space as well as the buyer and understand the value of design and beauty in everyday life and furnishings. By working with well-known designers from around the world, their collection is not limited only to furniture pieces but also includes home accessories that will turn a home or office into a work of art.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces will benefit from them by visiting their showroom as they offer a wide range of outdoor furniture as well that is designed to be as hardy in the elements as it is attractive and visually interesting. In a home, it is important that all the living spaces are elegant and functional to create the right aesthetic and provide relaxation and comfort.

Collections available at Area Baxter Garage: Sofas, Armchairs, Low Tables, Consoles, Dining Tables, Buffets, Chairs, Bookcases, Beds, Decorative Objects, Open Air, Light fittings

BRANDS: Baxter, Meridiani, Baltus, Baker, Baccarat, Ivanoredaelli, JNL, XVL, Casamilano, Porta Romana, Gardeco, Glasitalia, Henge, Jerome Abel Seguin, McGuire, Il Laboratorio Dell Imperfetto, Vaughan, Sifas

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Year of Establishment 1999
Number of Employees 1-50
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Ellinon Street 3 , Limassol 3042 , Cyprus

Christiana Markidou Antoniadou
area [ at ] areainteriors.com
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