Customers have chosen K.D.C. Carpentry to provide their furnishings for many decades. They are well known in Cyprus as a superb wood manufacturing business. They make all sorts of different wood furnishings and all of them are of the highest quality. Their commitment to excellence is apparent when you take a look at any of their fine pieces.

Kitchen Furnishings

A large portion of the furnishings that people buy from K.D.C. Carpentry & Furnishings is for their kitchens. People love the cupboards that this business is able to provide for them. They do great work and will definitely be able to provide you with cupboards and other kitchen furnishings that will help your kitchen to look amazing. When you want a kitchen design that is going to look great and give you the options for storage that you need, it is smart to turn to this business.

Bathroom Furnishings

They also do a lot of bathroom furnishing work. If you want to ensure that your bathroom will have plenty of charm, then allowing this business to provide the furnishings is going to help you achieve your goal. You can get great storage options for your bathroom that will look very impressive.


Of course, K.D.C Carpentry & Furnishings is also very adept at providing gorgeous doors for their customers. They can make many different styles of doors to fit your particular sense of style. These doors all look incredible so you can feel confident that you will be getting the utmost quality when buying from this business.


If you want to have a very ornate but also a functional wardrobe, then you can not go wrong when you hire K.D.C. Carpentry & Furnishings. All of their wardrobes that they have made for customers are top-notch both in their visual appeal and functionality. You can get a wardrobe that will provide the storage you are looking for while adding a significant amount of flair to whatever room you are putting it in.

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Koutsoventi 5 , Lemythou , Limassol 4101 , Cyprus

Kostas Iacovou
k.d.c.furnishings [ at ] cytanet.com.cy
+357 25 723 671
+357 25 723 257
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